Ancient Rome The best of ancient Rome

Rome is in Italy and Europe

The Tiber River goes through the Mountains south-westwards to the Tyrrhenian Sea after passing by Rome

Rome climate very broadly is of the Mediterranean variety

Milan, milan is where a proclamation that permanently established religious toleration

Coliseum was a place that everybody is having fun for example the gladiators.

7 hills of Rome, the 7 hills of Rome are hills that people relax in.

Colosseum was used for gladiators to fight each other or animals like lions.

people liked to be in theaters. Theaters could hold about 7,000 people, also people performed live plays.

They ate corn and squash bread

The wealthy people lived in rich places.

The poor people live in poor places

The families looked life in the poor family it looked bad but in the rich family they looked good

Rome's worshiped in churches.

They speacked dialect and romanesco


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