Testimonials From Staff and Parents in 2019 Season

If you are thinking of booking us we can tell you a thousand reasons why you should! Slight bias. Instead, we thought you might like to hear it from nurseries that have worked with us and parents that have purchased our images!

Nurseries tell us...

“Oh look you’ve done all the paperwork for us!" “Can we book in some dates for next year now please.” Emma, Manager.

“It’s been really hassle free.” "It’s been great, so slick, thank you” Laura, Manager

“Thanks for the photo shoot, all the staff said you were great and really put the children at their ease…...we are excited to see the photos when they come out! Kind regards Amy”

"We loved how you worked on the corporate shoot previously just like today, this natural lit, touring nursery approach works well for us". Carol, Manager

"Ahh love that!" Staff said as looking at the back of the camera.

"Parents have told us they've loved the photos! You've got the children that don’t usually smile for photos smiling!!" Nursery staff at front desk.

"It's been perfect!" Nursery Management.

"It's so much better to shoot this way…they're so relaxed!" Staff in Babyroom.

"It's great to see you again!" Nursery Management.

"Your approach and how you work with each child is so much better." Nursery office.

"There's been no tears! It's been lovely to meet you!" Nursery Management.

"It's been amazing!" Nursery staff who accompanied photographer.

"Have you been here before? You know us so well." Nursery staff.

Our experience in producing corporate photography for nursery managers and producing family photography for parents, results in pleasing results for both!

Read on for what parents tell us...

Parents tell us...

"It’s sooooo nice to get proper photos of the kids rather than staged ones...they never show off (child's name) true spirit otherwise.” Parent by email.

"It's so great to photograph like this, we love this nursery!" said a parent who visited with baby to be photographed with her sister at nursery.

From a parent on the day, accompanying child and looking at back of camera "Ah wonderful, thank you so much for your patience."

"Oh it's perfect!"

Upon looking at the back of the camera "ah that's really great", "thank you so much", "oh that was nice and easy!".

Upon dealing with customer queries..."Thank you for coming back to me…really appreciate this fantastic customer service."

"They are really beautiful pics, you've captured him so well."

"These pictures will be particularly special for us."

"Thank you so much for your patience." Said parent that visited to have 3 week old photographed with preschooler.

"OMG, I love them all!" said a parent that visited and was photographed with their child to send pictures overseas.

"We absolutely loved the pictures you took!"

"Best Photography we have had at nursery, thank you!"

Protect parents from disappointing pictures of their kids. With CO Kids Early Years Photography get photographs parents LOVE and serious commission for your nursery, the perfect parent partnership.

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