My local government

4. The issue i selected is northern water improvement. How is your local government handling the issue is by there discussing it the two options that they have and they are really thinking this through. Do i agree with this yes because we haven't had any problems yet with are water so yea its a good thing. My solution to facing the issue is i would go with caption one for the solution that is to provide a second water connection to central center through one of the three loop options. And the cost range of this is less than the one in option reif they get it taken care of right away.


2990 s pine tree rd , Hobart wi, 54155

1st issue- The the first issue is that on October 25th 2016 they there talking fixing a plow turck or get a new on. Well I think they should fix the turck because it will be less money. If they get a new turck it will coast more and we need other things first

2nd Norther water system improvement discussed the water lateral service, polices the water loop. Talking about hooking up to the water lane.

3rd is the draft. Instullution, repair and maintenance of features.

4th summer sprinkler credit. The sewer rate porcject they are discussing methods to resign the credit.

5th Sidewalk and right of the way maintenance. The growth of the village and the new residential subdivision they are making improvements.

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