DreamBox 101 Rebecca Hoesman



  • To be able to log-in to Dreambox
  • To be able to navigate the dashboard
  • To be able to create an assignment
  • To be able to check and monitor student progress
  • To be able to log-in as a student and see what they are working on
Go to www.Dreambox.com

Click Login

Username: school email - Password: something you set, if forgotten, reset

On the left side, click on your classroom!
Look at the Progress!

You can see that we don't get the laptops very much! :( On the other hand, you can see who works during my intervention! Yay!

This page gives you an overview of your students' progress.

Click on Activity!

This page shows you what activities your students are working on!

Click on Standards!

This page is SUPER important. You can see all of your grades' standards if you hover over the number of the standard itself.

Pick a standard you are getting ready to teach or you know that the students REALLY need help with!

My students are on learning systems of equations!

In order to make this an assignment on DreamBox that the students HAVE to work on, click the blue post-it underneath that standard and wait patiently!

It should look like this after clicking the blue post-it!

You can make it a short term assignment (1 week) or a long term assignment (until proficiency)! You can select two at a time for each student.

Once finished, click ADD ASSIGNMENT (green box) in the top right corner.

Boom! It is assigned for that class!

It will take you, once added, to the assign focus summary page!

You can monitor the time spent on each specific standard you assign!

On this page, you can also add more assignments using the add assignment button for each individual student based on their test scores, observations, and progress on DreamBox!

Click on Roster!

If you need to see what a student's user name and password are, you can find them each individually on this page!

Also, you can add a new student by clicking the blue edit button next to your name!

Click on DreamBox Access Resources to Get your Classroom Link!

This link is the link your students will need to login to DreamBox!


You are now a kid. Imagine all your cares are long gone and you are back in a world of no bills. This is how the students login and this is what they will see!
Click on your Name!
Sign in using your example student's DreamBox Username and Login

If you don't have one, you may use my example username: 322416 password: GL3224ag

Click Login!

(Please do not click on any of the activities. Only look! Thank you!)
These are your students options! They Can Click on any one!
The activities disappear after completed and fill IN with new concepts based on knowledge and previous work! All are aligned with the standards!

See the activity with the blue post-it note? That is the assignment connected to the standard you created!

That is all for your daily programming. Hopefully your brains are still functional. Thanks for tuning in to DreamBox 101 with Rebecca Hoesman. Feel Free to ask me any questions!

For more information, watch the video below or visit www.dreambox.com

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