Chapter 1 This is a chapter on God, I guess. Honestly, the whole book is about god. God is a big part in my life. I dont know where i would be without god. Everything that I have done in life, and everything i will do in life, will turn back to god. In the end, I am helpless to explain why anyone would accompany those on the margins were it not for some belief that the Ground of all Being thought this was a good idea.

Chapter 2:

There is a longing in us all to be God-enthralled. So enthralled that to those hunkered down in their disgrace, in the shadow of death, we become transparent messengers of God’s own tender mercy. We want to be seized by that same tenderness; we want to bear the largeness of God.

Chapter 3:

Compassion is no fleeting occasional emotion rising to the surface like eros or anger. It’s full-throttled. Scripture scholars connect the word to the entrails, to the bowels, from the deepest part of the person. This was how Jesus was moved, from the entirety of his being. He was “moved with pity” when he saw folks who seemed like “sheep without a shepherd.” He had room for everybody in his compassion.

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