Sent Back WWW 2017

Week without walls is a community trip AIS-R students take once a year, and which is normally trying to help people who are underprivileged inside or outside the community depending on grade level. This year I was part of the grade 10 trip which went to Philippines with the Gawad Kalinga group to help children and villages that are in need of our help.

The trip started of great we where all so excited to embark on this journey. We all waited patiently in Riyadhs airport for our 7:00 pm flight to the Philippines. I was so happy to be leaving and going on a school trip with all my friends I was thinking off all the things I wanted to do, I was even trying to learn some words. But when we got to Philippines I had bad luck.

When I got the the Philippines airport, I approached passport control, and they asked me for my visa I thought the school made me one but it turned out they didn't. So I tried calling my dad and anyone I knew so they can try to get me a visa or a way to get me in. At the end I was all out of options and all I could do was get sent back home. But I had to wait for the next flight which was after 20 hours.

How it felt like getting sent back after a 10 hour flight and a 20 hour wait

After everything that happened on this trip I learned to be more responsible, and made me think that I don't need to wait for anyone, if I can do it my self. And of course I learned to check if I have a visa a week before I travel, and to have all the documents I need in line before I travel.

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