The Life of Edith Cumbo in Williamsburg By charlotte allinson

This tool is called a lead line. The purpose is to show how deep the water surrounding you is. First, you have to stick the lead part at the end of the rope into the water. When it reaches the bottom you take it out. Finally, you measure how much of the rope is wet. When I used this tool I figured out that the water was 14 feet deep. This tool was created by the english to make sure that the ship didn't go too far that it would get stuck.

This boat, a replica of the Suzan Constance, carried 74 people from London to Virginia. This was used to carry the people and the cargo. In the boat their are 3 floors. The top for the sailers and the crew mebers. They also had tools to help run and maneuver the ship. The middle for the 74 passengers. The bottom for the cargo in the barrels. This boat was a very small boat for how many people it carried to Jamestown.

This is the tin shop. They sell armor for soldiers in war, teapots, lanterns etc.. The tin to make everything comes from China. To make the items you need out of tin the tin doesn't need to be heated. You just take the tin, cut it, then finally mold it to get the shape and item you want. Edith Cumbo would most likely come here to get pots and pans for her household she runs.

This is the Getty house. I sometimes would come here to stitch and sew the Getty's dresses and other pices of clothing if they need to be fixed. This is the bedroom that the Getty's sleep in. On the bed are a couple of blue and white striped pillows. Also, there is a canopy decorating and covering the bed. The Getty's bedroom is my favorite part of the house due to the fact that this is the room they spend the most time in. I am a seamstress which is why I love to sew and stitch people's dresses. The Getty's dresses are one example of clothes I stitch.

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