The OJ Trial By Kenny Andrysiak

OJ Simpson was a NFL star for the buffalo bills that was drafted out of Nebraska who had been brought up on allegations of murdering his wife and Ronald Goldman
The defense panel after the verdict of not guilty
A very crude summary of the case

The case

Below pictures the dead body of OJ Simpsons wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. She was murdered inside her own home by way of a slit throat. Ronald Goldman was also a victim that is not pictured. The main reason OJ Simpson was even tried for her murder was because of the time frame in which no one had seen him or heard from him, which was the time frame in which the time of death Nicole was determined to have. Multiple pieces of physical evidence were brought in front of the judge and jury to try to convict OJ, who was defended by Robert Kardashian(Yes, the father of the famous girls). The prosecutor was Marcia Clark. The most famous piece of evidence is the gloves found at the crime scene with both Nicole's and OJ's blood on them, but when presented in court, they didn't fit OJ. Multiple other complications allowed for OJ to get off Scott free despite the physical and circumstantial evidence presented in court.
The murdered body of Nicole brown simpson
The judge who presided over the case was Judge lance ito
Here OJ is pictured with his defense attorney, Robert Kardashian

What is the Significance?

This was the first major trial to be televised since that of the watergate trial, which would change how major trials would be publicized for decades to come and even until today. It provided distractions from normal political and social divisions in society as well as being another example of how not every celebrity or athlete is as untouchable as they may seem. This is a key realization for American society, as they tend to revere their celebrities and athletes as role models for their own lives.

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