Geography of Rome By:Luke Noren

this map clearly shows the mountains in or around Italy/Rome

The alps and the Apennines where a big part of Rome's geography because of all the positive affects they had on the country the alps are a jagged mountain range that separated Italy from the Europeans. The Apennines are another mountain rage that it runs down Italy from North to south but wasn't as jagged as the alps and were much easier to cross so the people who lived there where not divided up into small isolated communities. As a result of these mountains, the mountain slopes level off to large flat plains that are ideal for growing crops. Which allows the government to protect the country and also allows them to provide to the country which made people want to live close to them

The rivers in Italy

The Tiber river was a great source of fresh water to the Romans with the river right through the city supplying them with fresh water and enabling them to trade goods like food, supply, goods, etc. with other community's north of them and other community's to trade with Rome so this part of Rome was pretty popular. so with this river the government was able to receive goods and supply's to share with there community.

This map shows all the plains in Italy

The plains and rich soil where a big part of Romes geography because that Rome was first built on. Plains, rich soil and the mild climate attracted Romes first citizens. with rich soil the people where able to grow crops with easier than most places so they where able to supply mostly everyone with food for time to come. With this the government was growing and they gained power with having food to supply to all the people who lived there.

this image shows the Tyrrhenian sea circled in red

The Tyrrhenian sea was a massive body of of water That protected Rome from the West from potential attackers, I guess if the people really wanted they could trade with Corsica or with Sardinia but it would be a long ride just to exchange goods. with both the ability to trade and the protection the sea gave them the government would be able to bring in new and unseen things into there communities and they had several option when it came to battle depending on who and where they where attacking from


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