Renewable and Non-Renewable energy by oliver goodwin

Non-Renewable energy resources will run out one day because they use fossil fuels, oil coal and gas, which cannot be replaced. The non-renewable energies can also be harmful to the environment because they produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which can alter the atmosphere and are the main cause of global warming. The non-renewable energies provide most of our energy so we need new energy sources which don't harm the environment and can create the same amount of energy.

A nuclear power plant, non-reneable energy

Renewable energies will never run out because they use the power of nature; solar, wind and hydro-electric energy can create a lot of energy and do not produce any of those harmful gases. These energy sources can be expensive to set up but don't need any further costs to run only maintenance/repairs now and then.

A wind turbine

We use energy everyday, transport, heating, lighting and any other electrical devices in our households or place of work. Most cars run on petrol or diesel however a lot of companies are beginning to create hybrids or electric cars to reduce pollution. Heaters we use at the moment run on electricity or coal/wood when we can use solar panels to heat the water which we can use to have a bath/shower or heat our homes.

Right: BMW i8 Middle: Tesla Roadster Left: Solar panels on house

Non-renewable energy is reliable and can keep up with the amount of energy needed to power the world as they are doing now. However, fossil fuels are running out hence non-renewable. Non-renewables produce CO2 as I mentioned earlier but they also cause a lot of pollution. Acid rain, oil spillages and nuclear waste are common problems non-renewable energy production creates. This effects nature heavily whether it is the animals being covered in harmful oil, the plants being killed by the acid rains or the planet becoming polluted by nuclear waste.

At the moment we depend on fossil fuels because that is what is used to create our electricity and power our cars but this needs to change. Money is the thing that controls what most of us do or don't do, so if alternative renewable energy sources became cheaper, that may make a lot more people use them because not everyone cares about the damage non-renewable energy sources are doing to our environment.


New power plants, solar panel fields or wind turbine fields need to be built but wind turbines especially are not very popular to live near by. This is because of the noise and other reasons people protest about. If the message of how harmful non-renewable energy sources was spread more people might understand the benefits of renewable energy. Wind turbines don't always work if it isn't windy and solar panels don't work if there is no sun however, they are better for the environment and it is possible for renewable sources to overcome non-renewable sources in the near future.


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