Chapter 1 Life on the road

This is where you will create a description of the setting in chapter one. This description should include information about the difference between the world of man and the natural world.

Note that the images relate to the text that is to be incorporated at this point in the Page. The second paragraph deals with life on the ranch (most notably in the bunkhouse), so the accompanying image relates.

You can create a glideshow for one of the three paragraphs, or you can go more straightforward with it. Either way though you need to find images that work (and work well) with the subject of the paragraph.

The only real oddity that I found in the creation of this Page was in the finding of Photos. You can use the "find photos" button which will search inside Adobe so it is quick and easy, but there is a limited amount of pics in the album. The "Upload Photo" button on the other hand will allow you to use any image that you find on a Google Search.

I will evaluate you on the content and the presentation of each of the three paragraphs, as well as the overall aesthetic appeal of the Page.

Now get started and have fun (but keep in mind that this is all due in 40 minutes.


Created with images by tpsdave - "vineyard california napa valley" • skeeze - "farm out buildings wood"

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