In today's educational sector and digital society, the 2 worlds are equally important. Take the concept of one's self and the digital realm to create your digital profile. The goal of this course is to provide teachers and students with a foundation on how to build a digital presence and personal learning network in the platform LinkedIn.

Course requirements include access to a connected device and access to LinkedIn (updated browser support maybe needed). Participation is subject to your willingness. Access to class content is free provided you submit an assessment at the end. Each participant is required to post this link on their LinkedIn profile page to socialize the course.

The objectives of this course is to build a personal learning network on LinkedIn, establish a network, and a digital presence.

Lessons included are:

  1. Introduction to Personal Learning Networks
  2. About LinkedIn
  3. Outline a LinkedIn Profile, Step 1
  4. Create a LinkedIn Profile, Step 2
  5. Publisher a LinkedIn Profile, Step 3
  6. Create a Network
  7. Write a post
  8. Assessments

Lesson 1: What is a personal learning network?

Read: Article: What is a PLN?

Watch: Top Overlooked Personal Learning Networks

Action: Define your personal learning network today and how technology may change how it looks in the future. Review other definitions and add insights for discussion. Submit Here.

Lesson 2: About LinkedIn


  1. About LinkedIn
  2. Does/Don't about LinkedIn and Your responsibility: User Agreement
  3. Your privacy matters, does LinkedIn use or not use your data?: Privacy Policy
  4. Learning about ISTE standards

Watch: Why students should have a LinkedIn profile

Action: Quiz

Lesson 3: Outline a LinkedIn profile

Read: 5 Things you should be doing on LinkedIn

Watch: Personal Branding Basics & How to rock your profile


  • Search for people you know in Google Search and identify LinkedIn profiles.
  • Draft your digital profile

Lesson 4: Create a LinkedIn profile

Read: How to create a LinkedIn profile

Watch: Top 5 LinkedIn Tips for Beginners

Action: Go to LinkedIn and begin the registration page.

Lesson 5: Publish a LinkedIn profile

Watch: LinkedIn 2016

Action: Log into your LinkedIn profile and submit it for public review. Add "Joy Cavanagh Ross" to your network.

Lesson 6: Create a learning network

Watch: Growing your network

Action: Log into your LinkedIn profile and add 3-5 groups. Message 1-5 people and add people to your network.

Lesson 7: Write a post

Watch: Writing on LinkedIn

Action: Log into your LinkedIn profile, write a post, spell check and publish. Start the discussion.

Lesson 8: Self & course assessments


  • Self Review
  • Course Feedback
  • Write a 50-100 word "Reflection about this course" post/publish to your LinkedIn network.
  • Post this page to your LinkedIn profile to socialize

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