Make IT! Educator Tools With Tim Kitchen

Adobe Character Demonstration

Tim demonstrates with the lovely Ann how to create an animated version of yourself using a webcam and templates.

Tim Kitchen enthusiastically communicating about how to add photo assets in Creative Cloud.

Free photos in Adobe Creative Cloud search are sourced by Creative Commons/Royalty free sources like Unsplash.


Glideshows can be n effective dynamic tool for preserving engagement.

Use Spark Page to make dynamic short gif-style images

Use Spark Video to create super-quick videos with easy- to-add voiceovers with images, video, background music and overlays.

Tim demonstrating how to add videos within the project.
Tim is shocked if you haven’t heard of Sir Ken Robinson’s 2006 TED talk. “It will change your life”.
Our priorities
The top five skills are being covered when you work with Adobe tools... Adobe tools are for every part of the curriculum.
Use the Desktop app to learn more.
Rush is a game changer for videos on the go with mobile devices.
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Next face-to-face is the 2nd of April from 2-6pm at TAFE Queensland’s Southbank campus.


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