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Born: May 12 1918 in Hot Wells, TX

Education: Heights High School, The University of Houston

Family: LuLu and Edward Wagner were the parents of Ms. Ash, she had 3 children with two different spouses. Mary Married 3 times and divorced twice. Current spouse is Melville Jerome Ash.

Mary Kay Ash worked for Stanley Home Products hosting parties to sell household items, then worked for World Gifts doing the same things. She decided to quit after realizing she wasn't getting equal rights as the men at her job.

Mary then opened her own business with her son at age 45. She started by opening a store in Dallas selling lotions and makeup products. The Mary Kay Inc. was booming soon after it was started, it sold over $1 million in products by the end of the second year it was started. Mary strove to give her workers the benefits they deserved, by giving them commissions at work and giving each consultant equal earning opportunities.

Mary Kay used the strategy of responding to changing market conditions. She noticed how poorly companies treated woman compared to men so she started her own business to help keep pay equal and fair for woman. Now she has created a business worldwide that has millions of employees that get equal, fair pay and incentives from their job.


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