Goals Project Edwin moreno - English 2- P1

Semester goal:

This is Neymar Da SIlva Santos Jr. , Arguably one of the best footballers in the world. This star stared at a very young age making the experienced look foolish. He started from the bottom where we all do but after all of his hark work, he's playing in one of the best football clubs in the world.

This semester I want to become the best player. I want to exceed as a soccer player. I don't want anyone else to be better than me. I will accomplish this by training hard at practice and take things a little more serious.

English goal:

I want to exceed in this class. I'm willing to do whatever I have to do to have the highest grade. The way i'm going to reach this goal is by taking good notes and paying careful attention to my teacher. In this class I want to end up with an A, I will do this by turning in all my work and average an 85% on all of my assessments.

I feel like after so many years of being alive, I have learned that in the end, it's just you on your own and when you need someone they're not always there. This semester I want to excel as a student and stay focused, not letting anything get in my way.

High school goal:

My high school goal is to come out with good grades so I can get a scholarship to get into my dream college, Duke. All I have to do to accomplish this is to stay focused and not let anyone get in the way of my dreams. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a blue devil.

Growing up watching college basketball was the best. I can't imagine how happy I would get if I would ever get a letter from Duke saying they are accepting me.

After High School goal:

After high school i’m planning on college soccer. It’s always been my dream to become a professional soccer player and my dream is a little closer to my long term goal. I’m going to accomplish this by working harder than anyone else that wants what I want. I will not let anyone take my spot, if I want it, I have to earn it.

"Keep working, even when no one is watching." - Alex Morgan

Personal growth :

My personal growth plan is to become a better person. After so many years, I have developed into a young man who understand what is good and what is bad. I want to be a good person who helps those in need. I will accomplish this by changing. I will become even more helpful.

When someone needs a hand, I'm going to help you even if I don't like you because those who don't help others in need are going to have times where they need a hand and since they didn't help the person in need last time, karma will get them back.


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