liball robotic ball

liball is a robotic ball that can be operated remotely with Bluetooth LE from a smartphone or tablet. This robot can turn 360 degrees on the spot. I tried to create a spherical robot with an action camera inside, triggered by the thought that I wanted to take a picture of the sphere eye. Because it is a robust plastic spherical type robot, it is safe to touch children and pets.

Features and features

  • It is possible to run from iOS smartphone application.
  • 360 degree turnable. It is possible to move even in a narrow area of ​​the room.
  • Since it does not use servo or omni hoiir for direction change, it can be created at low price.
  • Because it is a sphere, it is possible to run on the water surface. You can shoot underwater video. (However, it is necessary to attach a sucker type wart and impart propulsion power)

Main applications

  • Shoot video of the spherical eyes
  • Home security robot
  • Telepresence robot
  • Underwater shooting while running on the water surface
Created By
takuya ichise

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