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What is it? Unlike traditional Touch, the ball can be passed forwards (and backwards, sideways, any way you like!) with teams only having two possessions to create a Touchdown; this creates an expressive style of play where the glory can be shared by the whole team.

What made me participate? Playing the sport a lot of times and knowing the rules can make it tempting to play because knowing the game can make it more fun.

My attitude towards playing turbo touch was positive and gave me a chance to interact with my class and see the different skill levels so that if anyone is struggling, I can help them out by starting off small warm ups for example start passing with them so they can get used to their class/team. I think as a class we kind of froze a few times and got scared because we were set a challenge to play against the year 13s which made a few of us hesitate when we had the ball. From this I learnt that no matter who you're facing, its always going to be challenging but I/we have to just adjust and make improvements in each lesson, in any sport.



What is it? A game for two teams, usually of six players, in which a large ball is hit by hand over a high net, the aim being to score points by making the ball reach the ground on the opponent's side of the court.

What made me participate? We don't play volleyball much at school so it was fun to be doing another sport.

My attitude towards volleyball was positive and hyped because volleyball is a high intensity game and we have a few competitors in our class which was going to make the game more exciting. Volleyball isn't a sport you can get good at in one lesson, it takes time to because there were many skill and rules that revolve around the game. Volleyball wasn't a sport our class was good at except about 3 of our class members which made the game slow and boring at the start, but then as we played each set we built confidence in ourselves and started to communicate with our team. That was an improvement from the start because each team was able to talk with each other and know who was taking the ball. In the end it turned out to be a tight game and everyone got really loud (all though my class is very loud in general anyway) and putting pressure on each other.


What is it? Informal sport played by two teams. The objective is to kick an inflated ball into a goal to score points. The game is commonly played in Physical education classes.

What made me want to play? I've never played or heard of crab soccer at the time so it was a new sport to me that I was interested in playing.

I had no motivation to play crab soccer because it seemed like a lame game (no offence Miss Taylor <3 ) everyone looked like they weren't in the mood to play maybe because it was period 5, but we started off with a few of the class, and some sat out. We split in two teams and it was quiet weird at first but then it got fun because everyone was trying heaps of skills like flipping back with the ball between your feet to pass the ball around. As the game carried on everyone got good at it and got serious with the game meaning they actually wanted to win and were actually competing, I think that every game that's set out for the class is always worth playing because i doubted the game but it turned out to be fun for me after all.


What is it? Bench ball is a sport that involves 2 teams, on each side of the court there is a bench which is what each team have to try get too. When the game starts there is one person from each team on a bench. The aim is to throw to your team mate that's on the bench from half court, if you get the ball to them you join them on the bench. The other team is allowed to defend the ball from getting to the person on the bench. The first team with all their team members on the bench wins the game.

What made me participate? The rivalry between the class which made me want to compete with them.

The look in everyone's faces was fierce and ready, bench ball obviously is going to be a competitive game because its kind of like dodge ball and dodge ball is a classic high school game to play. What made it even more competitive that the teams were boys vs girls and straight away the girls were scared but then again we're always up for a challenge. Balls were thrown across and every time a throw was unsuccessful the team kept getting frustrated which was pretty funny to watch because i was relaxed. In the end the girls take the win and also took the "blah blah blah" coming out of the boys mouths.


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