Trash Moving? Trash on the go!

“Don’t worry about Master Luke. I’m sure he’ll be all right. He’s quite clever, you know…. For a human being.” -C3P0

You might think that humans are the only ones that can do a lot of work. Well that is not true! Toghether humans and robots can accomplish anything. To do work with a robot you need to code it. Have you ever wonder what a robot is?Do you know how robots are taking over? Do you want to know how I developed my project? Keep listening toHave you ever wondered what a robot is? find out more!

Have you ever wondered what a robot is? Robots are any man made machines that perform tasks for humans. Robots can do almost as much as we can because a human that codes it makes it complete a task. You know how we depend on our parents? Robots also depend on us. We code them so that they will do the task we want them to do. Robots are used today in many ways.

Have you ever wondered what code is? Well today is your lucky day! Code is a set of instructions only computers can understand. Did you know that any electronics device uses code, not just computers use code here are some. Phones, tablets, and your ipad\ipods ect. use code? You might not know the word code but you probably know the word program. Program is just another scientific word for code.Lastly there are different languages like binary code, high level code,and low level. Binary code involves numbers replacing letters.. High level coding is your basic code. Hour Of Code uses high level coding, like move three forward, turn right. Low level code is much more complex than high level code and binary code. For example, low level code cannot be understand by humans

This is a set of high code

Have you ever wondered what robots are taking over? Jobs Jobs Job! Robots are taking over to many jobs but here are 3 specific jobs. Actors Pharmacist ,and Rescuers are now robots! The reason why actors are being cut from there job is because they don’t have to pay robots to act. Also they can also look however the actor has to look for the movie. The last thing a director wants in a person is not to get sick. Robots can never get sick. The reason why Pharmacist are now robots is because people might get the prescription incorrect. Another reason why is robots don’t have as many germs on them. Again they don’t have to pay them. Lastly rescuers are now robots because robots don’t get injured or hurt. Now people don’t get killed when they want to save a person from helping them get out of an incident. You probably didn’t know that Actors, Pharmacist, and rescuers are losing there job but those aren’t the only jobs taking over by robots. Many other jobs are gone. That is why actors, and pharmacist, and rescuers are losing their jobs.

Tom Cruise


My project is to get Dash to move the trash can through the halls of my school. My passion is robots and robotics. I enjoy Hour of Code. Ever since I started fourth grade and got experience working with Dash and robots, I have enjoyed using high level code. At school, I am on the Recycling Committee for JRC. That means I am responsible for getting the full recycling bags and replacing them. Then, I take the full bags to the cafeteria to be dumped. So, I thought that if Dash pulls the trash can around my route, I will just have to pick up the trash and toss it. This will make it easier for me because I won’t have to push the trash can through the halls.

As you can see, robots are very important in many ways. In fact, they are even quickly replacing jobs that used to be completed by people. But, luckily we’ll always need people to code those robots!

Words To Know

Czech = /CHek/ the West Slavic language

Pharmacist /farmesest/ noun a person who is professionally qualified to prepare medicinal drugs

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Gracyn Martynick


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