Stale Popcorn The quest to enjoy movies again

Here's a controversial topic: movies. Everyone has a different opinion. When you go to the movie theater anymore, do you come away satisfied? If that answer is usually no, read on.

There's a problem with Hollywood. Studios don't take many risks anymore. For those of you with an appreciation for crude humor, the following video explains what this problem is all about.

My friends and I live in Flagstaff, Arizona. There's not much to do here except hiking, the bars, and the movies. We go to the theater often. I always wonder why we do, though. We're constantly disappointed by the mediocrity that is modern cinema.

SO: What's the point of this stream of consciousness? I want to present the public with a yes/no survey. This is for research purposes.

The question is: if a small, independent movie theater that exhibited the best in independent cinema existed near you, would you go to it? If that same theater produced and exhibited their own films as well, would that be a selling point?

Click on the button below to answer the survey. For reference, check out the Mary D. Fisher Theatre in Sedona.


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