Florida Museum of Natural History Isabel Matt

Nature on Display

I found this exhibit of a Megalodon jaw to be extremely fascinating! Along with his jaw, four or five other sharks were displayed so the visitors could compare the size of his mouth to the rest. Compared to a Great White Shark, the Megalodon was about three times the size of it. Today, the Great White is the largest shark alive, and it's incredible to think that there was a time where there was a creature bigger than that. I also enjoyed how the exhibit was displayed- the jaws were all in a dark hallway with dark blue walls and it made it feel like I was under water with the animals. Seeing the shark jaws in person rather than through a different medium was essential in understanding the sheer size of the creature,

Nature and Ethics

anAs I went through the museum, I couldn't help but think how good of a job they did in making sure all live creatures were used for good purposes. There is a lot of backlash, especially with zoo's and animal museums, over captivity. However, at the Natural History Museum, all of the butterflies had ample space in the enclosure and the workers kept a watchful eye on the visitors to make sure the the butterflies were not being treated wrongly. I really enjoyed how we could see the researchers at work in their lab. It was nice to physically see the help and research the museum claims they are conducting. Along with interacting with the butterflies, seeing research being done connected visitors to the museum because it allow them to watch something productive happen that will possibly affect us in the future. I do think that my experience in the museum instilled in me an ethical responsibility.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Very infrequently do we ever sit down and just enjoy what is around us. We are constantly plugged into our phones and laptops and don't always take the time of day to really pay attention. I loved the experience of going to the museum unplugged- I was able to appreciate what was around me and spend quality time with the friends I went with. I love what Heschel said about "connecting with the eternal"- friends and material things are temporary, but nature and the Human Spirit are forever. It makes me want to connect and appreciate the world around me more.

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