Veganism A Diet for the world

Veganism is a diet that excludes animal derived foods and products. This includes meat, eggs, dairy, and animal furs/skins.

Factory farms have been created to supply mass amounts of eggs, milk, dairy, and meat. These animals are forced to live in crammed unsanitary spaces and are subject to abuse and torture.

These animals are being genetically modified to produce mass amounts of meat and eggs causing them severe pain and many physical disabilities such as trouble walking and breathing.
To feed, clean, and water these animals one-third of the earth's freshwater is used. It becomes highly contaminated and has to be stored in ponds to never be used again. Some of this water travels to the ocean and other freshwater sources contaminating them as well.
By switching to a vegan diet you can take a stand for the unjust treatment of these animals and increase amounts of useable land and water.
Reap the benefits of strong body and mind.

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