WINECOUNTRY Media 2021 media kit


WineCountry Media is the premier online travel network for wine regions globally. Our digital channels are designed for travelers, food and wine lovers, and adventure seekers who want to visit Wine Country or bring the lifestyle to their home.

Our audience is the engine of our company. 100% of our audience is organically generated through authentic, original local content. Every year, our platform helps our business partners connect with millions of qualified online visitors who are ready to book travel and experiences.

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WineCountry Media is a family of unique brands offering original content, products and experiences for consumers planning trips to and inspired by Wine Country.

A fresh, modern spin on Napa Valley.
Celebrates the vast diversity and authenticity of this rising, indie global destination.
Inspires global Wine Country travellers and daydreamers with trusted content, goods, and experiences.
A next generation wine tasting pass offer consumers complimentary wine experiences at the world’s top wineries while connecting our winery partners with new customers and club members.


The size and quality of WineCountry Media’s online audience is what differentiates our company. Key attributes of our audience: 58% female, 48% live in California, 30% in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, 58% are under the age of 45.



A core strength for WineCountry Media, 100% of our traffic is organically generated through search. Our websites are in the top search results for over 10,000 keywords related to Napa Valley, Sonoma County and other wine regions in the United States. Top search results include:

Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Napa Valley Wineries, Most Beautiful Wineries, Sonoma Wineries, Napa Valley Lodging, Napa Wine Tours, Sonoma Wine Tours


Our online visitors are proactively searching for content and booking resources to plan a trip to Wine Country. This profile increases the value of those visitors to our marketing partners. They have stated their intent and are open for conversion.


We offer flexible partnerships and custom marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our digital network presents opportunities for your brand to reach and connect with a uniquely targeted audience at pivotal stages of the travel purchase cycle.

Finally, our partnerships are supported by a deep knowledge base in the travel and digital media industries accumulated over 25 years of experience. Don’t just take our word for it:

...Not only do the metrics prove it, but all of the positive reviews from “our” guests confirm it. Thought provoking dialogue turned outside the box strategies into successful campaigns. You can not do the same old things and expect different results in todays ever changing and ever challenging market ... They are edgy, progressive and quite honestly fun to work with – take a step forward and work with WineCountry Media." - Phil H. The Hess Collection


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