THINK2GIVE Eyezis kInnarath

Blog #1: For my 20% Project, I've have came to mind that I would like to give to children in the THINK Together After School Program and provide them with school supplies they may need such as pencil boxes, pencils, erasers, etc. As far as purchasing and coming up with all the supplies I would like to start a donation box and hope others are willing to help and donate . I will be taking pictures and creating a video as well during the whole process. I am excited and have high hopes for this project.

Blog #2: So far In my project I have been volunteering at the THINK Together program and gathering information about the amount of students who attend the program. We have also talked about ways of raising money such as a donation box and fundraising to make this happen. Along with fundraising we will do activities with the kids in the program, being creative and creating candy-grams in hopes to sell them and raise money.

Blog #3: I have created 4 donation boxes that are getting ready to be placed in the ACT rooms. I have also started, putting together candy grams with the THINK Together program leaders for Valentines day at the elementary school to fund raise . As far as the donation boxes, I am waiting for approval for by Ms. Deniston in order for them to be placed and get going.

Blog #4 : Donation Boxes are placed in Classrooms and boxes are ready to receive donations . The boxes are placed in rooms 103, 301,421 and 126. Please THINK2GIVE! :)

Blog #5: Donations are being received and stocked up. I am starting to put pencils boxes together and collecting them for the children in the after school program. I have made an instagram to show my work and progress to my followers . Instagram: @think2give

Blog #6: My instagram account is gaining followers and request for donations are being made through direct messages. Many friends and family are willing to donate supplies and are preparing to send them out to me :). Mrs.Gomez and Mrs.Garcia-Ochoa have filled up the donation boxes, and I have also picked up 12 pencil cases from Ms.Beaman's mom ! :)

Blog #7: I had packages coming in from Arizona and New Mexico from family, in which were boxes filled with supplies. I shared my project on facebook also with the help of my mom, and the word is spreading.

Blog #8: Currently I have 58 pencil boxes with supplies in them, and need 43 more to go :) I am very close to my goal, and also have more supplies coming in!! Everyone has been a big help and I am very appreciative.

Blog #9: I am now to 62 pencil boxes which means 33 more to go :) ! I have received a backpack with supplies in it from Ms.Beaman which means a lot! I am getting so very close to my goal. For my symposium plan, I will showcase all the amount of pencil boxes I have gained and also all the supplies in them. I will explain all that took me in order for my project to go through and happen. Pictures and videos will show everything I have done :)

Blog #10: The symposium went great! I was able to explain to others about my project and also promote it! Ms.Kerr had gave me her email, and asked for all the information about my project, she then emailed all of canyons teachers and staff for donations :'). I am hoping with the help of Ms.Kerr that I can finally reach my goal of 95 pencil boxes. I am so excited and cannot wait for the end results.

Blog #11 : The vision for my presentation is to pass out all 95 of the pencil boxes I have put together on May 17th, 2017! I will accomplish going through off of this and be ready to present my TedTalk.

Blog #12: I have donated all supplies and pencil boxes! Each student has received one and they are all very happy. I am so happy I was able to do this project and provide them with the learning materials they need! Thank you to everyone who supported me and helped donate!!

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