Healthcare Concerns in the Next Four Years By: Dario Apadula

What does Donald Trump think?

Donald Trump believes that when he becomes president he will remove and replace Obamacare. Obamacare was etstablisbed in 2010 after two years of Obama being in office. His healthcare plan was for healthcare to be affordable. Trump's replacement plan is to create a patient care health system that promotes better quality and affordability than Obamacare.

However, there is much controversy around Trump's decision and many people are upset about it. According to the official Obama Care website, more than 15 million Americans who didn't have health insurance, before Obama Care, were covered. On Donald Trump's official website it is stated that family premiums have gone up by almost $5000 since Obamacare passed.

Donald Trump Interview with CBS on Healthcare:


What does Tom Price have to say about Healthcare?

Before entering politics, Tom Price was an orthopedic surgeron for over twenty years. He was also a six-term congressman in Georgia. Donald Trump nominated Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services because Tom Price believes to replace and dismantle the health law and make it into something much better. For six years, Tom Price has authored many replacement plans which is similar to Donald Trump's beliefs in the future of the health care system for the United States.

"There are positive solutions that embrace the principles of quality healthcare, save hundreds of billions of dollars and don’t put Washington in charge or raise taxes."

What will be the impact of the new administration on healthcare?

The impact of the new administration on healthcare is that people will lose their health insurance. Since Obamacare helped more than millions of people, people will not be able to get medical care right away. It could take a while to get onto a new insurance plan. However the positive side is that Trump's plan will lower taxes and save federal government money better than Obamacare.

What changes do you think will happen?

I believe that Donald Trump's healthcare plan will be better and cheaper than Obamacare. I also think that Trump's healthcare will not be increasingly expensive over the next four years.



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