THE 3D Design Boat Project Julie Terlinden-Ruhl

Why I chose this boat model...

I chose to do this kind of a boat model because I realized that most of the people were going for the normal kind of design and I just wanted to challenge myself to a design that is not very complicated but needs the patience to do it because for the fences I had to copy and paste every single fence to put around the boat scared that it was going to look more like a moving platform than an actual boat. For the front part of the boat I had to make sure that it was hollow and in the right place. If the front part wasn't hollow it would have put weight on the front and the boat would have tipped over, and if the boat tipped over the coins would fall right off. The whole boat was hollow, otherwise the density off the boat would have been greater than the density of the water and the boat would have sunk. Some of the parts on my boat were necessary, for example the four bottom stands were necessary to steady the boat if it hadn't have that the boat would not be steady and when waves would come in it would fall right down. The rest were just accessories just to not make the boat look like, as I said earlier, a floating platform because that would not have been creative. When the boat was finally printed I realized that I could have made it just a little bigger and that fences were way too thin and fell right off, which means that next time I should make the fences a little thicker. I also realized that there was a hole at the bottom, the boat still floated but it would have been way steadier if that bottom part was stitched up. The next thing I saw was that kind of chimney I made to make it look like a boat was not pushed in the bottom enough and that it had a hole in the side because the hollow part was sticking out. The J stuck on the chimney was to represent my name as I did not know where to put the whole name on the boat

Buoyancy and Stability

To make sure it floated I decided, and I think that is what most people did, to make my whole boat hollow, So that the chances it will sink would be lower because the density of the boat would be smaller than the density of the water. So buoyancy basically means that in order that your boat will be buoyant your boat has to be light and have a smaller density than the water which means that your boat will be lighter than the water which adds up to a floating boat, a boat that is buoyant. Density is basically the mass divided by the volume of the water or the object. For the stability of the boat I decided to put four equal stands at the bottom of the boat to make the boat stable if these four little stands were not there, my boat would have not sunk completely but would be close to sinking and when a wave comes in the boat would have sunk without them. I had one problem about my stability is that there was a hole in the bottom so water would come in. for my boat It was quite symmetrical and that is an important part about stability because if it's not symmetrical than the boat might tip over on one side or the other and if it did the coins would have fallen right off. So stability basically means that when a wave comes in your boat has to stay on his feet.

Assessment/Evaluation of my boat's performance

I think my boat was successful in the design requirements because I think it was a quite creative idea and it carried three coins it was really stable when it had 0, 1, 2 coins. It could carry three coins it is just that it wasn't stable enough with three coins When my boat was on the water I was really scared weather or not it would carry three coins and it did because it was done very carefully so my boat floated with three coins and some of the boats were better and some were a little bit weaker. As I already said it was really stable with 1 or 2 coins but when we put three the boat was not that stable. I would really like to change the thickness of the fences and also push in the bits that fell out and maybe make it a bit bigger. I I was to make a 2nd one I would make it way more steady by making it a little bit more thick and making sure that there is no risk of having a hole in it.

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