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Throughout 2016 we had been introduced to various Technology, New Ideas, UX with all the big browsers giving their support to the HTML 5 & CSS3. The web design industry is evolving wherein few trends rock and rest fade out. The trends which rock will be enhanced and presented to the users so that it would outreach their satisfaction. 2017 will be more of visually comprehensive and impactful. The expert designers when interviewed they expressed their thoughts as in 2017 there will be less focus on aesthetics and more focus towards usability.

Here are 13 trends which would evolve in 2017

1. Brands adopt mobile first approach

As the name, itself suggests mobile first approach this isn’t new to 2016 and has been few years where in the mobile phones are named as primary devices used for browsing internet. And recently in November 2016 Google released Mobile First Index algorithm to enhance the search experience and uses mobile version to rank the websites.

2. Simple yet elegant designs

Simple designs are trending and designers start avoiding complex layouts, multiple screens, more scrolling and they concentrate on simple designs with vibrant colors with more animations, videos, Big bold type.

3. Layouts that content shine

The arrangement of web design elements within the given structure should allow the reader to easily focus on the message, without slowing down the speed of reading

4. Big, bold Type

As the design world comes to consensus our focus should be on content. The big and bold type trends help the user to easily understand and it creates a lasting expression according to psychology study.

5. Lesser Menu Options

2016 saw many websites redesigned with reduced primary navigation elements. In 2017 the menus will be reduced to 3-4. Because the fewer menus will guide the user more easily to find what they want instead of using more.

6. Conversational Based Designs

In 2017 you will see more conversational based designs which is an intelligent way of designing by nurturing your user with emotional exchanges between your site and user. When applied properly it will be a win situation for the brands.

7. Storytelling

In 2017 visual storytelling, will rock because of its engagement with users. It’s an excellent way to quickly grab user’s attention and you can easily involve them in the concept.

8. Handcrafted Illustrations

Web design icons are also advancing with hand-drawn concepts. It’s becoming more abundant for using effective call to action pointers. This will be adopted by all designers in order to increase conversions.

10. Tactile Design

Google has defined its Material Design Approach in 2016. In 2017 many designer will use Tactile design interactions in order to enhance human a computer interface.

11. Think outside the box with 3D Geometric Shapes

Once upon a time the big digital trend was to use real objects into digital interface. This trend was named as Skeuomorphism, Then the flat design took over the web with minimalistic designs and colour blocks.

12. More and Brighter color

The topic of the color would fill up the whole book. The use of colors are decided based on the human psychology and web design theory. Color theory is more than a visual garnish, it can have game changing effects on your business.

13. A new designer deliverable-code created in new ways

In his TechCrunch article “The future of front-end development is design,” Carson Miller writes: "Coding is going to look dramatically different in the future. In fact, the line between design and development may no longer exist"

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