All Set For Gymnastics! By: Caitlin tucker

Equipment is almost Ready!

To do gymnastics, you are going to need certain equipment. The best things to use are beam (optional), especially mats, and I would prefer to use a cheese mat too. If you don't know what a cheese mat is, it is a soft squishy mat that is diagonal. For example, it is shaped a little bit like a piece of cheese. Now your equipment is ready to go!

These are gymnastics mats

Don't know what to wear?

Are you wondering what to wear? You should either, wear a nylon shirt with some shorts, or a leotard. A leotard is a little bit like a one piece bathing suit, but you wear it to gymnastics. Now, that you are dressed, you have to do your hair. I put my hair in a ponytail, but you could put your hair however you like. In addition, you should also wear a scrunchie over your hair tie(s). You should wear a scrunchie because it will keep your hair tight. A scrunchie is a soft and thick hair tie that goes over your normal hair ties to keep it more tight. Now your hair is perfect for gymnastics and clothes are perfect for gymnastics.

This is a scrunchie
This is a leotard

You Don't Want to get Hurt, So let's Stretch!

Next, you NEED to stretch. To start stretching, you should do the splits if you can. Then, you have to spin your arms in circles for about 30 seconds each way. You should twist your wrists in circles for about 15 seconds. You should also do any simple tricks that you know how to do. Now, you are ready to start doing gymnastics.


Learning how to do a Handstand.

To start off your handstand, you are going to first put your left, or right leg out in front of you. But, you can't forget to point the toes that are out in front of you. now you put your arms above your head, but make sure your arms are touching your ears. Next, you bend over and put your hands on the floor and kick your legs up one at a time. One you are up you should keep your legs together. Kick your legs down, ONE at a time and don't forget to put your arms back up when you're done . Now if you keep practicing you will have your handstand down in no time.


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