The Best Canada has to Offer By: jon ramdhan

Canadian Diversity

Canadian Immigration began in the 17th century by the French and British, it continued in the 18th and 19th centuries as the United Empire Loyalists who fled the United States during the American Civil War. Canada became the first country in the world to enact an official policy of multiculturalism. Over 200 languages were reported in the 2011 Census of population as a home language or mother tongue.

I chose this topic because the one person who taught me the most was mixed between black and white and that is because one black person and one white person were able to be together and have a family and its all going to back when Canada became a multicultural place. Living in such a diverse place allows you to experience new things daily and its something amazing everyday. We should be thankful we get to live in such a diverse country because we learn a lot from different people and learn new skills and techniques from everyone. Lots of people dont think about it but everyone should because we are who we are because of the people we have met in our life.

Canadian Military

The Fundamental goal f the DND (Department of National Defense) and the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) is to protect Canada and Canadian interests and values, while contributing to international peace and security. The CAF defends Canada by: Patrolling our coasts, Monitoring our skies; leading search and rescue missions; Assisting civilian rescue authorities with disaster relief (forest fires, floods, avalanches, hurricanes, etc...) Also the CAF contributes to the defence of North America by: Working with the United States at the North America Aerospace Command (NORAD) to monitor and defend continental, airspace, and ocean areas. The CAF contributes to international security by: Participating in operations around the world. CAF personnel are currently deployed overseas on operational missions. On any given day, one third of the deploy-able force are preparing for, engaged in, or returning from an overseas mission.

I chose this topic because I respect the men and women that put their lives in danger for the sake of their country and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the people beside them safe but more so the people behind them, family, friends, loved ones. Also the men and women who serve our country have families and still are deployed and are not home on some special occasions and important events. All Canadians should be thankful for this because we get too wake up with a roof over our head and be able to walk outside without having to worry about being bombed or hearing gunshots whistle over your head and this is because we have troops fighting for us and our safety.

Health Care

The Canadian Health Care system because under the health care system, individual citizens are provided preventive care and medical treatments and primary care physicians. Moreover, with a few exceptions, all citizens qualify for healthcare regardless of Medical History, personal income or standard of living. In addition, Canada does boast one of the highest life expectancy's (about 80 years) and lowest morality rates of industrialized countries. Accessing Canada's health care system involves first applying for a provincial health card. Next, once the health card is assigned, it is used whenever visiting a physician or health care provider. When going for routinely check ups there are typically no forms to be filled out or any individual service fees.

I chose health care because without the incredible health care system a lot of Canadians would be in debt and struggle with medical bills etc... We should be thankful that we do not have to pay for a 15 minute routinely check up because at the end of the day it gets taken out of our taxes and in the long run it is much cheaper and that benefits all Canadians in various ways, they will have money for other expenses, be able to treat their family to something nice, be able to pay off other bills with the saved money from that.

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