Nanoparticles Air Pollution

How this problem is formed

Our environment is filled with various types of pollutants emitted from human activities or industrial processes (ex: carbon monoxide,chlorofluorocarbons). Contaminants are mostly found mixed in the air. We need a technology that is able to monitor, detect and, if possible, clean the contaminants from the air. Wich is why we need to improve our technology.

What is it?

Nanoparticles is presented everywhere in the atmosphere. One of their key characteristics is that they possess very little mass, but are many in number. And it is for this reason that the current worldwide, mass–based, air quality regulations for particulate matter are ineffective in dealing with nanoparticle concentrations especially in the cities.

What can it do?

  • Emitted by car exhaust, smoking and long term inhalation of dust of various origins have been a risk of causing chronic inflammation of the lungs. (risks to global health).
  • Exposure to nanoparticles can have a serious impact on health, and on other serious diseases.
This photo was taken in China. China has struggled for years to control its air pollution problems, which is caused by the coal burning in factories and power plants, as well as vehicle use.

When was it made?

Began emitting greenhouse gases at least 2,000 years ago. We can tell this is true by the bubbles/air that was trapped in ice.

Air pollution has risen by 8% globally in the past five years.

Why was it made?

our industry and our vehicles. These sources release harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, sulfur and nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter into air.Increased industrial activity and the growing number of cars in our roads means that air pollution is constantly growing,

Why Do people have to be aware of this problem?

It can harm your body by getting a serious disease or it can impact your health. (ex: asthma, lung cancer, heart disease and even reproductive and developmental disorders)

Who Made it?

Artisans from Rome in the fourth centery by creating an effect on the surface on the pots.

Where is this problem occuring?

  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Iran
  • Arabia
  • Afghanistan
  • India
  • China

How is it used?

nanoparticles have a greater surface area per weight than larger particles which causes them to be more reactive to some other molecules.

What is the chemistry behind it?

Nanoparticles are presented as an aerosol (mostly solid or liquid phase in air), a suspension (mostly solid in liquids) or an emulsion (two liquid phases). In the presence of chemical agents (surfactants), the surface and interfacial properties may be modified


  • they have a far greater surface area to volume ratio over larger particles.
  • Can be useful for - medical imaging - disease diagnoses - drug delivery - cancer treatment.
  • Applications in Biology and Medicine


  • Morbidity and Mortality Due to Cardiovascular Effects.


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