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It is crazy to think that we are teetering on Roots' third anniversary.

On July 4th, 2018 we will have been open for three years...

For Lauren and I it has been fun, challenging, and invigorating all at the same time. We feel very, very blessed to have so many wonderful and diverse students. We have met some amazing people and developed some lifelong friendships. Our commitment has challenged us to continue to grow in many different ways, and to learn from you all along the way. Some of you may know (and others maybe not) that the studio's anniversary falls very close to our Wedding anniversary - this isn't quite a coincidence as we used part of our Wedding registry to request gifts to open our business three years ago. For us, our marriage and our yoga studio go hand in hand. So while our business has been developing over the last three years, so too has our Love, and we continue to pour that Love back into our teaching & practices day after day.

On another note, It seems a relief that summer is finally here... It is the season of shorts and sandals, sweaty yoga practices, warm rays of sun, cool patches of shade, and the joyous chirping of birds to serenade us from one place to the next - and finally - strolls on the newly opened elevated rail park!

You may have noticed some transitions in our community of teachers as Karen & Chandler pursue other endeavors, we wish them all the best and thank them for their teaching these past few years. They have both had an impact on growing our community into what it is today.

In the midst of it all, Lauren and I will keep trudging forward with a mission in mind to continue the growth and evolution of this uniquely special yoga community, while expanding our very own understanding of what is yoga? And how can we incorporate this into our lives to be better servants to our families, community and all of humanity?

The Bhagavad Gita describes the Karma Yogi as one who dissolves his/her understanding of Self in service to others. This is our mission, and we are staying true to that. We could not be who we are without all of you, and that is the greatest gift of all. As we continue our pilgrimage together, I hold out my hand and ask you to join this community as we fearlessly walk forward into the unknown.

This is the dawn of a new day.

Light & Love,

E & L

Free Philosophy Lecture with Erik - tomorrow!

Join Erik this Saturday for a thought-provoking and light-hearted discussion centering on discernment, contemplation and the fulfillment of spiritual prophecy. Citing Buddhist scripture, The Bhagavad Gita and The Journey of Souls, we’ll explore the the process of reincarnation and its relation to karma and dharma (spiritual duty). Students should be comfortable discussing past-life theory and how it relates to present life circumstances. All theory will accept a premise that we are all spiritual beings merely having a human experience. What does it mean to be a ‘once-returner’? And how can The Way of Zen Warrior assist us in fulfilling our purpose on this planet? Join us and we’ll find out. Free to attend.

June Student Highlight: Dr. Zoe King

This. Is. Zoe (& Honey Mustard). In yoga, we concentrate on transitions: from one breath to the next, from one posture to the next, from one phase of life to the next, etc. This month, Zoe, who is originally from South Jersey, experienced a significant life transition from medical school student to medical school graduate! She is now a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, which means she is a medical doctor with additional training in body alignment. Zoe has always been a student. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in biology from American University in 2012. She worked on her Master’s degree in biochemistry from Drexel University, completing that in 2014. The next four years were spent on her doctorate degree from the Philadelphia College of Medicine. Now, Zoe will be a resident at the duPont Children’s Hospital, which is part of the Jefferson College of Medicine. For the next three years, she will work in pediatrics to determine her specialty. Currently, she is leaning towards gastroenterology. As a resident, she will still be a student, but will be getting paid! Zoe is passionate about concerts, yoga, pizza and her cat, Honey Mustard, but not necessarily in that order. An ideal Friday night for Zoe includes pizza and a concert. She loves Americana and folk music. She was saddened when her favorite pizza spot, Pizzeria Beddia, closed. She started practicing yoga in August of 2013. She happened across Erik at the Seva Center and has been practicing with him ever since. She practices yoga to help keep her balanced in her work life; it reminds her to stay grounded. Plus, she loves her “sick” arms. Her favorite posture is trikonasana (triangle pose) & her goal pose is pincha mayurasana. We congratulate Zoe on her recent graduation & we are so proud of her and are grateful that we have her as a student!

Solstice Party Friday, June 22 with Jenysbel!

Looking for something different to do on Friday Night? Come take a glow in the dark vinyasa class with upbeat tunes that take place under black lights! Be sure to wear white or bright neon colors for an extra "glow" effect. Show up a few minutes early to apply some black light body paint and crack a few glow sticks. After, strut your glow over to our next door neighbor, Love City Brewery for some well-deserved beer!

Saturday Brunch - Community Event!

@ Foo Kitchen on Saturday, June 23, 11:00am

Foo Kitchen - 1301 Vine St

Enjoy a healthy, or not-so-healthy, brunch with your yoga community! Check out the menu on the website (fookitchenphilly.business.site).

If you don't take class that morning, meet us at the studio at 11:00 am or at the restaurant at 11:15 am. A reservation is not required, but would be appreciated. Let Bill know when you see him at the studio or email him at bill@rootsphillyoga.comLooking forward to seeing you there!

Love City Yoga & Beer - every Sunday morning throughout summer!

Join us every Sunday at Love City Brewery through Labor Day. We will enjoy a 60-minute class from 11:00-12:00 in the traditional Roots style, followed by a draft beer (included in price). Registration in advance requested! Cost: $20

June Book Club

Saturday, June 30 ​11:15am-12:30pm

Please join us for our fourth book club selection: Siddartha by Herman Hesse (chosen by teacher Katie Azzara this month!)

E-mail Bill with questions (bill@rootsphillyyoga.com)

We are so excited for our partnership with Katie Jiunta of National Kids Gym for our first ever kids series! Classes started last week but drop-ins are welcome throughout the series.

National Kids Gym will be offering a beginner gymnastics and tumbling session at Roots Philly Yoga on Tuesday evenings with Lead Instructor Miss Katie Jiunta. This recreational gymnastics program is offered to children 3-8 years of age. Based on instilling values of physical activity at an early age, our program will teach your children that being healthy can also be fun! This program offers a strong emphasis on developing basic gymnastic and tumbling skills, while incorporating the latest technology. We include tumbling, floor skills, balance beam, training bar, mini trampoline, games, group activities, stretching and strength. Our program offers an energetic class for beginner gymnasts. The focus is on skill development, increased coordination and balance, and increased confidence! We will try new skills, increase gross motor skills, and have FUN. Come try a class or sign up for the entire 10-week session. Classes will be capped at 10 participants.

2 spots remain for the upcoming Advanced Practice on Tuesday, June 19 with Lauren B.


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