Tattoos Have Feelings Too Why tattoos discrimination should be illegal

The population of people with tattoos in the United States alone is continuing to grow everyday. People with tattoos have to suffer through discrimination everyday. The belief that tattoos, nothing more than pigment in the skin, can show someone true work ethic is wrong. Tattoos do not control someone's work ethic and he or she should not be judged for having tattoos. (62 Words)
Tattoos are easily one of the most popular ways for people to show off who they are and what they have been through. Although tattoos can have different meanings, tattoos do not show others who the person wearing them is or who they really are. Tattoos should be allowed to be openly displayed without judgment in the workplace. (59 Words)
Some people view tattoos and anyone who has them as dirty. Contrary to popular belief, the tattoo process when done correctly, is a very clean and sterile process. When getting a tattoo, everything is sterilized including the chairs, needles, machine, canvas and anything else that may be touched in the process. (51 Words)
The pigment in one’s skin whether it be natural or artificial, does not dictate who the person is and how he or she will act in a work environment. Thomas Edison is regarded as one of the most famous inventors ever and had a tattoo of five dots. This show that ink in someone’s skin does not control how successful that person will be in life. (66 Words)


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