Water turning into snow By Hudson Dillow

water evaporates from lakes and ponds.They go to the clouds.The water freezes . And it falls and becomes snow.Water goes to clouds and the clouds move and fall. and freeze.water is very important water causes blizzards. that really scary.what i know about water.

do you know what causes snow. It starts with snow.Snow is duluted frozeen water. snow is dangerous.Snow can pile up. its called a bllizard .Snow is also fun to play in it. snow is not something to didle daddle in it

Ice can be cool desinghns. It can also be dangerous.ice freezes.And ice falls and breaks. And it becomes snow. Ice can become snow.Ice can freeze on branches and fall.


Created with images by LoggaWiggler - "kermit frog snow ball" • PhotoDoyl - "Rocky Waters" • yamessi - "snow" • L.C.Nøttaasen - "Ice"

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