Alaskan Tundras By jake adcock

Climate of the Alaskan Tundra

The average Temperature on a summer day is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit While the average Temperature on a winter day is -30 degrees

The amount of rain in one year is 10 inches

The Alaskan tundra only has 2 seasons summer which last 6-10 weeks and winter which takes the rest of the year.

Net Primary Product

As You can see the tundras have very low NPP compared to most other ecosystems even though it has almost double what most desserts do

Soil Quality

The soil quality of the Alaskan tundra is very poor because it is over and under lots of ice

The Red Fox is an is an invasive animal of Alaska, The Red Fox was originally from England and started having a stable population in the early 1900's

The Polar Bear is a endangered species of the Alaskan tundras, the population of polar bears having been declining fast because of global warming

Popular Animals


Snowy Owl

Musk Ox

Popular Plants

Arctic Moss


Diamond Leaf Willow


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Alaska Mountains"

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