A Trip through India By : samanta orozco

The Indus River valley is located in Pakistan through northwest India. The Indus River valley looks like a stream of water and has enormous hills and cliffs. The Indus River valley is important in ancient India because it has water resources to the Punjab and sindh plains. The river valley is important today because without the water the Indians wouldn't be able to drink water.

The Gange Basin is located in India and Bangladesh. The Gange Basin looks like a huge swimming pool but flows like a river. The Gange Basin is important in ancient India because the Hindus religiously worshiped the Gange Basin. It is important to them because they would sometimes bathe in it to get clean.

Harappa is located in Pakistan. It is made out of sand and mud and to me it looks like a maze and looks like a bathroom in ancient India. It was important in ancient India because they would use this to go to the bathroom. It is important today because most people think that this isn't a bath that it would look like a pool. But they don't see that this is a huge artifact of when they were in ancient India.

The brihadeeswarar temple is located in Thanjaur, India. The brihadeeswarar is made out of stone and has a sculpture and bronze casting. The brihadeeswarar looks like a temple for ancient Egypt but they had pyramids. The brihadeeswarar is important today because they consider it to be a place to merg.

The sanchi stupa is located in the north-east of Bhopal. The sanchi stupa is made out of the oldest stone and was created by emperor Ashoka of the Madhya Pradesh, India. The sanchi stupa is an important monuments of Buddha.

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