Go cheetah By barron wesley

Table of contents

  1. introduction
  2. eat it up
  3. go Cheetah run
  4. how to deal with a lion
  5. conclusion


Do you now what cheetahs are? If you know what it is then that is good. Because I'm going to tell you some things about cheetahs. I'm going to tell you what there speed is, what they eat and where they live. If you want to learn more about cheetahs. Go in to my book to learn more .

Eat it up

Cheetahs eat meat. Anything that is not meat they won't eat. Make sure you don't get near a cheetah or they may eat you. Because they are attracted to meat don't forget. Cheetahs eat with their sharp teeth so they can chew the meat. Make sure you don't get chomped by some cheetahs.

Go cheetah run

Do you now how fast they can run ? If you don't now then read this chapter to find out. Cheetahs run 68-75 miles per hour . The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. They hunt their prey by chasing their prey down. Make sure you check out the next chapter.

How a cheetah deals with a lion

Lions are predators to cheetahs. Lions hunt cheetahs for food. A cheetah runs really fast and tire the lion out. Then it runs somewhere else where the lion won't find him. That is how a cheetah deals with a lion.


Cheetahs are the best because they can run faster then any other animal on land. Maybe you'll see a cheetah one day if you travel to Africa where they live.


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