STEM Camp 2017 Holton-Arms School

Our Engineering & Design Camp for Girls allows students to spend eight days with Holton-Arms faculty designing bottle rockets, paper roller coasters, 3D printed designs, art-bots and other fun engineering projects. Students will use the design process to problem-solve, create, and revise solutions to engaging problems. Who's ready to build?


On our last day together we enjoyed our time baking and decorating cake pops for our special guests and setting up our STEM Camp Exhibit! We have learned and experienced so much together these past two weeks; now its time to show off our work!

DAY: 7

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center was a very educational and fun experience. We learned and saw many things including the clean rooms [a place where engineers test equipment in a controlled environment before heading into space], the projected sphere [see video below], and the engineering facilities! In addition, we saw a life-sized rocket!

DAY 6: Bottle Rockets

Today we assembled and launched our bottle rockets. We filled the bottle halfway up with water, then we used an air pump to create pressure inside the bottles in order to launch to them.

"It was fun to watch the bottle rockets explode into the sky." - Brielle T.
Pump it up!

3D Printing

3D printing can sound scary and really complicated, but with all the great websites, it becomes easier. You can use websites such as Tinkercad to easily combine shapes to make your product, and upload it into programs such as Cura to transfer it to the 3D printer and print!

Students work in groups to complete the challenges of Ms.Hassell. They were: Build a house, then, make a chimney, put a hole in it, add a doorway, hollow out the house, and lastly, make a second floor.

Sphero Art

Today we used Sphero robots to create abstract art pieces. A Sphero is a robot that is shaped like a sphere and connects to devices through bluetooth. We made art by dropping paint on a large piece of paper and driving the Sphero around in the paint by controlling the robots through an iPad.

DAY 5: Baltimore Museum of Industry

"We observed and learned about different industries and jobs and how eventually robots took over." - Alex M.

Here are photos from the museum!

DAY 4: Catapults

Today we built catapults made of pencils, dowels, cups, rubber bands, and spoons. The objective was to launch a marshmallow the furthest.

Balloon Jousting

We used one balloon to propel the other one forward in order to pop your opponent's balloon before they popped yours. Check back tomorrow for vides of our jousting matches!

3D Bookmarks

Today we also got to design our own 3D printed bookmarks. We first drew our bookmark on a piece of paper, and then sent it to the computer to 3D print.

"The process of 3D printing is long, but it's worth it because the result is so cool." - Becca B.

Watch this cool time lapse of a Harry Potter design being printed.

Here are all of the bookmark designs we created.


Art + Tech + House

Today we traveled to an interactive museum where artists combined technology and art to produce a fun experience for visitors.

" It was so much fun because you got to interact with the art by moving your limbs." - Molly W.
" This was the best museum I've ever been to! It was cool to experience something brand new. It makes you feel special. I liked being able to interact with everything because other museums don't do that." - Michelle C.

DAY 3: Art Bots

Students created robots that draw lines on paper while it vibrates. We use small motors and battery packs or battery powered toothbrushes to power our bots.


Today, we began introductions by playing a "name game". Each student had to state their name, an adjective starting with the first letter of their first name, and share a motion/dance that represents their personality.

DAY 2: Paper Roller Coasters

Today we continued to construct and add design elements to our paper roller coasters, based on each group's theme. We also reviewed and modified our group's goals. It is exciting to see the transformation from paper and tape to these creative, final products. Our roller coasters have come a long way. -Sophie B., Becca B., & Ms. Hassell

Construction is almost complete!

DAY2: Radioactive Ping Pong Balls

After our snack we competed in a team building and problem solving activity where students were challenged to use miscellaneous office supplies to transport ping pong balls across the hallway.

Sounds simple right?

Here's the catch: Once a material is used it is RADIOACTIVE and must be discarded. Oh and NO HANDS can touch the balls! It was a great way to get us thinking outside of the box and build team spirit! Try this activity at home with your entire family!

DAY 1: Welcome & Intro Activity


After the Name Game, we flexed our creative skills by drawing our own cells. Each cell was a creative representation of our interests and passions. Then, students shared their personalized cell with a neighbor and presented at least two details about their new friend to the class.

"I liked that the cell activity allowed us to learn each person's interests, their personality, and showed how diverse we are as a group." -Maddie M.
"I liked how the cell activity let me show my personality on paper and learn more about other people!" Armeeta M.
"Today I learned that when you collaborate with your team, it helps you work together in an efficient way. Plus if someone generates an idea, it can also spark new ideas for you."-Kimora V.
"Today I learned about innovation and grit. I know it will help me in the future because if I persevere and keep trying I can go a lot further in life." -Mallory V.


DAY 1: Paper Rollercoasters

After lunch, we broke into groups and began our large project of the day - building paper roller coasters. We will finish them tomorrow, attempting to earn the most points for length, speed, and overall design. Teams have the added challenge of trying reduce "cost"by using the least amount of materials possible, while still meeting the challenge requirements. The only materials used are paper, tape, and a foam board for the base.

"First we plan, then we fold, fold again, and fold some more...😊" -Ms. Hassell
After lots of folding students attach columns to their rollercoaster base.

DAY1: Student Reflections

Students reflect on what the they learned and enjoyed on the first day of STEM Camp.

"The above quote is relevant to STEM because it says that if you don't succeed the first time you do something you can always keep trying. That is a lesson that you should always have in your mind when doing experiments." - Chelsea T.
"Starting paper roller coasters was really fun! My group's goal for tomorrow is to finish attaching and decoration our roller coaster parts." -Ayleen A.
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Lucia Hassell


Ms. Hassell & Mr. Howard

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