Jewish Holocaust Reflection By: Carlos-Eduardo Lopez

My initial understanding: Before attending Mr. Herrings class my understanding of the Jewish Holocaust was based on previous classes which have touched upon this subject. I generally knew of the atrocities which occurred during this era but only to an extent.

My final understanding: After attending Mr. Herrings class my knowledge & understanding of the Jewish Holocaust greatly expanded. An example of this would be the fact that many Jewish people were displaced into "ghettos"; a fact which I did not know of before Mr. Herrings class.

Other than people of the Jewish faith, who else was targeted?

In simplest terms anyone whom was not of Aryan descent. More specifically gypsies, the disabled, homosexuals, Jehovas Witnesses, and non German white people such as the Polish, Russians, and others.

I chose Anne Frank as my "profile of courage" because in my personal oppinion she has shown courage even in the face of adversity through her diaries and journal entries.
The Jewish Holocaust relates to the present day through the presence of the Islamic State. Much like the horrors of the Nazis, the Islamic State targets people whom they see as inferior or "infidels". In this case Isis targets anyone whom is not an extreme Muslim.

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