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Market Research

Computer gamIng value

The gaming industry is worth a whopping 91 billion.

Video gaming populatIon

The gaming population is 1.2 billion.

Gender breakdown

Out of the 1.2 billion people playing video games around the world, there are 56% male gamers and 44% female gamers.

Video game genres

Video game genres are the types of video games people play. These can include: Sandbox games, First person shooters, Platform games, Simulations, Puzzle games, Survival horror, Sports, and Strategy/tactics

What is Esports?

Esports is very much apart of the huge industry of gaming. It is short of electronic sports. This means many professional gamers can show their talent by competing in tournaments with a team against other players/teams. These tournaments do attract a huge crowd which end up with most of the tickets sold.

ViDeo game addiction

Gaming is the sort of thing anyone can addicted to. As many games progress and become better it does become preferred over playing sports or hanging out with friends. It has not yet been recognised as a mental disorder however many studies have shown it does affect mental Heath.

Gaming consoles

Varieties of gaming consoles

Some gaming platforms include PlayStation 2,PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, xbox one, Atari,Nintendo 64, wii,wii u, GameCube, pc and many more.

Video gaming companies

Video game Companies include, Nintendo, Ubisoft, bioware, treyarch, activision blizzard, 2k games, 3D realms, accolade and many more.

Video gaming statistics in Australia and New Zealand

The Story Behind The Game

There was the main character travelling in a space ship called the ss 5000 which crashed on an enemy inhabited planet. He was the lone survivor and has to gain territory of this planet, collect resources and do what ever he has to do to stay alive. Your aim is to acquire territory base by base until he is strong enough and has enough resources to escape planet and return to earth. He can't be detected or killed by the Enemy.

The landscape of the game is dense Forrest with mountains, rivers and treacherous wildlife. Also the time period of the game is 3769. The main character is the person you control. His name Basil Strust


For example one of the scenes in the game is when your character is near an enemy base. If you get spotted by an enemy for more than 2 seconds you are very likely to be killed because they outnumber you. But if your not seen you continue walking to the base and attemp to capture it. In the game Basil interacts with wild animals, enemies, weapons, resources and much more. Strategies you will need in this game are strategic planning to stay alive and reaction time when fighting and sneaking around.

Flowchart of scene in the game


Simple storyboard showing pivotal moments in the game

Similar Games

Games that are similar to our game include farcry 4 and Just cause 3

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