Marijuana Use the profiling

When you first think of avid marijuana users you may assume that they are unproductive and uneducated. People portrayed in such films as the infamous Cheech and Chong series depicting two unemployed marijuana enthusiast who escape their troubles by hitting the road but soon unfortunatly find themselves getting arrested for pocession. The beloved cult classic may portray marijuana users in a funny and charming way, but it and many other similar films have paved way towards the biased judgement of those who occasionally or avidly smoke marijuana.

The stigma surrounding marijuana use has come to change over the years but continues to uphold some sort of silent judgement in the back of peoples minds. Throughout time people have been incorrectly educated about the risk of marijuana use, many have been wrongfully educated to believe that marijuana is a gateway drug to more potent substances and the unfortunate cause of the killing of brain cells. This belief has been the result from years of illegitimate propaganda produced to prevent people from subduing to the use of marijuana.

In 1974 the U.S conducted the Dr.Heath/Tulane study called The Hype: Brain damage and dead monkeys. This study enabled Ronald Regan to announce that the most reliable scientific resources state that brain damage is a main result of marijuana use. When people were asked in the documentary The Union, many assumed that marijuana was the cause of death to 3,000 to 50,000 people. In reality there have been no deaths as a result from Canabis use anywhere in the world.

The stigma surrounding marijuana use has almost blocked people from realizing the actual benefits that it has. Marijuana use has been proven to help multiple people who all suffer from a number of different illnesses. Marijuana has been proven to help ease anxiety, severe pain and even from seizures and epilepsy.These past years we have seen a large uproar of those who support the use and legalization of marijuana, people are becoming more open minded to the multitude of benefits that cannabis has to offer.


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