A Trip Downtown Brynn Ruch

My friends and I thought it would be fun to go into downtown Omaha one weekend in the summer. It was the perfect time since the sun was setting and the colors were vibrant. It was surprising because it was cloudy and cold earlier in the day. I remember because we wanted to go swimming and my dad said, “It might be a little chilly out, but it’s your call.”

left to right: aria, brynn, cat, sami

We first went to the fountain, and the sun was at the perfect spot. My friend, Sami, loves taking pictures so I asked my mom to take a picture of us in front of the fountain. I was bummed because the fountain wasn’t actually going at the time, but the picture still turned out great.

the fountain in downtown omaha.

Once the fountain did turn on, however, I quickly asked my mom for her phone to take a picture, since my phone’s camera is broken. I like this picture of the water specifically because it looks like the water blends in to the clouds and gives the photo a cool effect.

Once we walked past the water, my parents drove all of us to another part of town. We were walking and my sister, Kayden, spotted an old telephone booth and insisted we get a picture with her.

the view from the balcony.

After we had our fun at the telephone booth, we made our way down to the Old Market Passageway. The scenery and plants make this space very beautiful and a great place for pictures.

The stairs inside this hallway are very good for taking pictures because the wood on the steps gives it a very rustic look. The bricks in the background really make the colors pop.

cat, aria, brynn, sami

On the side where all the artwork is, there are these little viewing areas that provide really good views, and are very good for pictures. At this point, the picture-taking was getting kind of old, but my friends were enjoying it so I played along.

cat between some walls.

Of course there were funny times when Cat would do some odd things and this picture captures one of those times.

us taking waiting for the water to fall.

We were about ready to go home when my sister wanted to go back to the fountain to take another picture. My parents were going to say no, but my friends thought the picture would turn out really cool so they agreed to get just one more picture.

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