Dakota Pipe Line #NoDAPL

America is well aware of the Dakota Access Pipe Line. It's all over social media and the news. It was originally cancelled but with our new president, Trump, he pushed it forward claiming it will make more jobs and money. But it could also potentially harm thousands of citizens and their way of living.
The Sioux tribe is highly concerned about the Dakota Pipe Line and its trail. They state that it may go into sacred burials and that if it were to break it could contaminate the waters it passes through.
Lets not forget about the fact that water being contaminated has happened quite a few times. Like Flint, Michigan and the lead contaminated waters. They are just now finishing cleaning that mess up that has been going on for at least over 2 years.
I feel that this time America should listen and stop the Dakota Access Pipe Line. They say that they have taken every safety precaution and nothing can go wrong but that last part is a lie. Anything can go wrong, and they are wanting to chance that. Not to mention sacred burial grounds are being trespassed. I don't think the Sioux want oily remains and burial grounds along with nasty water.
On January 28th, 2017, another protest occurred. Jesse, his family and more than 100 people participated in "The North Country Stands with Standing Rock" at Trinity Park on Saturday afternoon. Jesse was asked why he was against the construction of the pipe line he answered; "It's all about the children and their futures. I want them to be able to play in the snow and eat it. I want them to be able to swim in the river without me having to tell, 'Do not to swallow the water.'"


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