Seniors Receive Community Donations in Response to COVID-19

Like much of America, the COVID-19/ novel coronavirus descended upon Greensboro, rather suddenly, and in almost an instant, established a new normal. This new normal included social distancing, staying at home, and only allowed for essential trips to places like the grocery store, or seeking medical care. Amid this change, many of Greensboro Housing Authority's (GHA's) residents felt this uncertainty and uneasiness even more severely.

This public health crisis has heightened the risks to low-income individuals, especially the senior population, of which GHA has over 700 in our communities. Seniors are also at a higher risk of catching COVID-19, and many do not feel safe going out to pick up supplies or might not even have the ability to get their own.

GHA staff had sent an email to partnering agencies seeking donations and a local news outlet promoted this effort. In response to this call for donations, GHA has seen the greater Greensboro community overwhelmingly show their support to GHA’s senior residents. Over 56 individuals, churches, nonprofits, and local companies have provided donations of hot meals, bags of groceries, personal protective equipment, household items, and toiletries. To date, 1,424 meals have been served to GHA residents, and donations are continuing to come in daily. GHA staff is working hard to sort and deliver these contributions, with safety being of the utmost importance.

While GHA is unable to change this public health crisis, these donations and acts of compassion have brought hope and comfort to our residents during this uncertain time. Thank you, Greensboro!