Percy Jackson Project

My name is Frankious. My father's name is Kronos and my mother's name is Rhea. I have brown hair and have black eyes. My special gift is to time travel.

Backstory: Frankious is a little boy who loves to play outside. As he was playing outside of his house, he came across a dead body popping out of the dirt. Frank dug it up and was shocked. He traveled through time till he saw the death of that person. He saw his dad killed him because he was trying to rob his house. His dad grabbed the body and buried it. Frank went back to the present and went home to talk to his dad. He said that he was trying to threaten to kill our family. He was the son of king Hobious. For years king Hobious has never noticed that he was gone.

At the age of 13. On thursday frank is getting ready for school. His mom packed his lunch and his dad stayed home. His mom took him to school. Franks school has a gigantic dome surrounding it. The school was once a nuclear compound but was rebuilt into a school. Every day when people get to school they look at the dome and they notice a flashing red light. no one bothers to check what it is and they just carry on what they are doing. When they get to class they go to sit down on their desk. The teachers name is Mr Killingder. He comes from a kingdom he rules. When the bell rings they learn about safety. How to get away from monsters and evil things. After classes they go to dinner. They had Brownies for dessert and corn dogs for food, fruits, and vegetables. Frank notices a flashing red light in the school on the ceilings. He wondered what the flashing lights were, he didn't care. After dinner frank got picked up after school and went home. He got home and he went to sleep early so he doesn't feel sleepy in school. The next morning his mom takes him to school and notices that Mr killingder is greeting everyone on a Friday saying, "This is the best day you guys will ever have in the whole world". Percy and the students just walk to class. This time they learn about the godesses and their powers and what they can do. When it was dinner time they can eat what ever they want. After they ate they couldn't get out to leave school. The doors were locked. Mr Killingder told everyone through the speakers that is everyone ready to have the best time of there lives. Suddenly he triggered the wireless remote and blew everything up. Quickly Frank paused time to travel back when he was speaking to the microphone and quickly grabbed the remote, destroyed it, and called the police to arrest him. Once the police took him to jail they revealed his true identity. He was King Hobious. The king who sent his son to threaten Kronos's family. In the end the school got a new teacher and builders tore down the dome and disarmed the bombs and Frankious lived a happy life.

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Brady Sting

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