Querétaro I enjoyed this place for the last 10 years, ¿do you want to know why?, come whith me to this travel

Querétaro is located in the middle of the country, in México, their capital names in the same form, Querétaro - Querétaro

Is an important place because in their territory begans the Independency of the country

before the spanish conquist, Queretaro was an important centre, the people comes for diferente reasons, religion, comerce, adminstration things, etc.

and today, we have several imortant indogenous groups. Ñañu goroup is the most important and we can know them in all of state.

the fotography is an important ceremony who names -lifting chimal- and is celebrated al the beguining of the harvest.

buth Querétaro for me is very important because:

my little soon born in this city, and his belly buttom is sown in this land

In the photograpy se can see Marcos whith Socorro she recive him when he borns in the house

my old sun learns to dance 

my sisters, my cousins, and other part of the family lives there

we began an important social movements

and we practice ancestral ceremonies in the house and in the school, this is a dead shrine, we have the certanly thath our dead people comes to the night and visit the place, and eat the food, and enjoy whith us, is a beautifull moment

In Querétaro, I have an important and lovely friend who shared the thoughts, celebrate the life and their are waithing for us

those are muy students, we have a beautiful autonomomy college, name Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro

And a lot of experiences, people, situations, places who remind the beauty of the life.

In the fotography we can see, a pic nic in the field, our house orchard (we have tomatoes, papaya, pumpking, hoja santa, and other plant for cooking), the bread who cooks a good friends, a incredible park for walk and explore, and Marcos learnign in te bicicle

And when we come to Dallas, we go to a bridge and put a padlucks whith ouer names, whith the hopeless to return early

this is my queretaro, thak yoy for share

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