Living In A Post SChool World Where to from here?

One of the most important days in your life is the day that you leave school. You not only leave years of school life behind – but you also join what everyone will tell you is the REAL WORLD.

For some of you the move from school to work or to further education will be quite easy – others may experience some problems or need advice and information.

This guide is designed to help you answer questions that may help with the move from school to the next stage of your life and to provide you with important information - such as who can give you further help once you’re out of school.

Make sure you bookmark this page so that you will always have this guide ready when you need it!

Need Help Accessing Government Supports?
Want To Do Further Education Or Training?
Want To Start A Career?
Need Help Finding A Job?
Would You Like To Learn Financial Literacy?
What Are Some Other Options?
Do You Need Mental And Wellbeing Support?
Directory Of Local Programs & Services

Teachers Resources

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