Redwoods & Rocky Coastlines Tom Bol Photo Workshops - 2019 Trip Report

Redwoods National Park combines forests of the world's tallest trees and rugged, foggy coastline. We took 12 photographers with us to explore the area in late July. This is when sunlight is most likely to pierce through the fog, creating beams of light. Here are a few highlights of our 2019 Redwoods & Rocky Coastlines Photo Workshop....

Our first morning started at Elk Meadows in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Herds of Roosevelt Elk frequent the area at dawn and dusk. We photographed with handheld telephoto lenses, using the foggy trees as an environmental background.

Prairie Creek delivered the beams of light that we hope for in July - the driest time of the year in the redwood forest.

Tom offering advice on camera settings
Ricka capturing the beams

Big leaf maples add variety and moodiness to the forest canopy. We walked a little over a mile to get to this big maple - no crowds, just us.

Bob using his Nikon Z7 on the big maple
Mike taking in the midlevel flora
Alan with his best Ansel Adams pose

For our first evening shoot we headed to the sea stacks at Lagoon Creek. We used a variety of techniques to capture the waves at fast and slow speeds....

Using multiple exposure or ND filters to slow the water
Judy working on abstract images of waves and sea foam
Working the waves
Terrie taking it all in

Lady Bird Johnson Grove provided different perspectives and views of the middle canopy.

Judy focused on the scene
Anna capturing the side by side view of the canopy
Betty working her magic

Columbia Tiger Lilies near the parking lot were the perfect stop for macro photography.

Ricka using a continuous led light

We chose Simpson Grove in Jedediah State Park for our final shoot in the redwoods. Lindsey perfected her abstract redwood shot and impressed us all (background photo)

Lindsey working the creative angle
Cat enjoying the magic of the redwood forest

Our final afternoon and morning were spent in Bandon, Oregon, photographing sea stacks in dramatic light and the colorful sea stars below .

Brian - never far from his tripod
To flash or not to flash....that was the question
Janice's smile says it all
Anna using a cable release on slow shutter speed images

A 2 second exposure using an ND filter..... for a dramatic ending

Redwoods is truly a magical forest....home to the tallest trees in the world. Photographers are inspired in new creative ways on every inviting trail.....Tom Bol

Our photographers.....2019 Redwoods & Rocky Coastlines

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