Dragons, Cats & Angels 2016 - "Love thy Self"

I return to Cafe Mimosa, what in the Mythica occurs for me as 'Angels Rest'.

Events on one's timeline will always reflect the realm they are in. I sense a texture in the field, and my gaze is drawn upwards, away from the beguiling embrace of my beloved allies. The totem of the Dragon appears, reflecting the timbre of Light and the avatars I am to meet in this unplanned confluence.

Once again the otherworldly Kira Kushnirova graces the Path, intersecting with Zenergy and myself beneath the sacred Tree at Mimosa, the Angel's Rest.

There is a delicious serpentine energy in the air, scenting of ancient temples and the silver reflection of the Moon upon the Water. This is the first time I have encounter Kira at depth since Awaken, and I invoke myself to listen, to receive the radiance that is hers and Zenergy's aspect. It is such a beautiful sensation, as if after the many years of labor the Mythica is born into the World, creating such space within me to settle, at last, into my skin.

A swirling, embodied and draconian energy passes between them, each carrying a facet of the emergent World, aligning and harmonizing the colours of everyone within the space.

I am so thankflu for these moments. Such is a place deep in the Brightlands, where we meet each other, softening into the secret and Wonder of the Meow.

She Sings Her Song, and Laughs the World Anew"

It is never lost on me that Mimosa's is adorned with the image of the World Tree. Of the White, the pure and angelic, that brings us all together beneath her boughs and bosom. In which we gather, in sacred Solstice, to sing forth the blessings of the Winter and Light.

The Sacred Song

Magick is a matter of right timing. A flow that happens, the tells us that we're on the Path. Where our mood brightens, and we sit in the ambience of Grace. I'm led to share two things with my fellow avatars. One, the Woodborne flute. The other, my Leonine, the sacred artifact crafted for me by the Bridge Trolls. It is a rare occurrence for me to pull such treasures from the cargo bay of Grey, yet it is Lady Kira and Lord Zenergy on the Solstice and the mood is ripe for Wonder.

Classically, I have not allowed other beings to wear my lion mask. Such is a sacred relic on the Path, crafted for me by Carl Bridge of the realms of Faerie. Yet in this instance, my Heart held in the bass emanations of Kira's sacred meow, am I inspired to share the energy of the Lion with these esteemed avatars.

She touches me then, trailing a falling tear of sacred oils across my forehead. I can feel her finger approaching, the air bending in it's wake, the scent of the deva of the oils mingling with her moisture. Her fingers graces me, leaving the enchantment of Essence, of womanhood, of sanctity, of devotion and delight, the fragrance remains, long after she departs.

"This is the nature of it" I tell my fellows. And it is. The ointment is magickal, I can feel the harmonics within it's construction, the elements of the Aina of it's Song. Yet it is her hand that delivers it, her embodiment that holds the space. As with Zenergy, radiant in the rainbow scales of the Dragon, it is her very essence that gives the value, empowering the oil with her Grace.

Such is the nature of all things, made more potent by the hands and Heart of their bearer. To receive such a blessing from the Lady of Ladies, met in Angel's Rest on the Solstice, is auspicious to say the least.

I watch, as she aligns the energies, tracing patterns of sacred virtue across our skin like momentary hieroglyph. In the Mythica, I watch her scent, the colours of that delicious attainment, make their way across the ethers, softening us to whole.

It is so beautiful. If there is one thing I have seen so many of my fellows avatars share, it is a fierce devotion to God. To the embodiment of our highest, best Self, grateful to reveal and remember the most beautiful of things in our expressions of sacred Self.

Lady Kira thanks me, claiming reminder of her inner childe. I sense an easement in her nobel Heart

Return to the Temple

Zenergy and I return to the Temple of the Fire Diamond. We hover in conversation, waiting to see if the flow leads in the direction of a nearby Solstice ritual.

He asks me if he can offer something. Honoured by his sense of right protocol, I open myself to him, trusting the meeting of his Truth and my Authenticity.

Zenergy is engaged in the Mythica. To my vantage, he is a fellow avatar, embodied in his aspect, traveling the Rainbow Road back to Home.

In the evening, the flushness of energy continues, with Ideas for the Mythica pouring through my vessel. Though I try to implement the technique of Listening even more intently, wishing to honour the reflections I have received, I am flush with words. Radiant with the expression of what aches to help the People emerge.

NEXT DAY - Rising Heart Kundalini

God is Good. Events happen within the Corazon temple that reveal the nature of the friendly Universe. Following my intention to say, "I WILL do this", I make my way to Yogi Bhajan's kundalini offering.

Such is a profound experience for me. Clarifying and affirming to the depths of my very being. I am gifted with a session with a longtime kundalini teacher and her protege, each of them past the threshold of the embodied virtue of their Art.

Ahhhh!!! As I finish my time at Mimosa's, I notice a call from Gio. It is so exciting to be called and calling people after my long seclusion! She tells me the room is available for me in the Temple of the FIre Diamond!!!! YES!!! God is Goooooooooooooooddd!!!!!! The Life Visioning practices are real.

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