The story of Lewis and Clark By: zach Driver

An expedition is: A journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, scientific research, or war.

The participants in this expedition were lewis, William Clark, sacagawea, thomas jefferson and a slave named York. Lewis was the leader of the exploration. Clark was picked by Lewis to join the exploration. Sacagawea was their guide through the land. Thomas jefferson was the person who authorized this exploration. York was William clark's slave and even though a slave he still helped in the exploration and was considered part of the corps of discovery.

this i a picture of sacagawea, lewis, clark, and the slave york.

Lewis was born in 1774 August 17 Lewis died in the year 1809 October 11 Lewis dies from committing suicide in a hotel. Clark was born in 1770 August 1st. He died september 1st 1838 he died at his eldest sons house.

Lewis and clark both died in Kentucky Lewis committed suicide and Clark died from age.

People involved with the expedition: Were William Clark, Matthew Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, Sacajawea and York. William Clark was not originally part of the expedition but was asked to join by Lewis Clark. Lewis Clark was the leader of this expedition. Sacajawea was the guide and a great asset on the expedition. Thomas Jefferson gave authority and allowed the Lewis and Clark expedition to happen. York was the only slave on the trip and was considered part of the corps discovery.

This is sacagawea she was the guid for the Lewis and Clark expedition.

What they accomplished during the expedition: They made peace with many of the Native American tribes. They named many land, rivers and other places. They discovered many never before seen animals. They started settlement in the west. They discovered many new plants and animals. They managed to map the land while traveling through it and gain maps from native tribes. They gained new knowledge about the land and its inhabitants for further exploration in the future.

This is a settlement probobly some what similar to the ones created during the journey fit to survive not much for other things during the expedition.

Hardships/dilemmas faced during the expedition. Some black hawk indians tried to steal their horses and weapons. They had to constantly look out for grizzly bears. They had to travel over rough terrain. There was disease and pesky bugs. They had to look out for dangerous natives and animals. It was difficult to find food in the winter.

This is a picture of a mountain and as u can imagine must be hard to travel over by foot.

Plants and animals discovered on the journey: Grizzly bears they are big tough brown bears that are strong and take multiple shots to take down. Black tailed prairie dogs do not hibernate and are small mammals called rodents. The bushy tailed woodrat is a small mammal/or a rodent and is only found in america and canada.

This is a prairie dog one of the animals discovered on the expedition.
This is a map of the Lewis and Clark expedition where they traveled through all types of land and weather. They traveled through today's states known as Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri.

Items and tools taken on the journey: They brought hatchets used to kill animals or fight off enemies and to cut down small trees or branches. They brought tobacco for trade with indians or as gifts of peace. They brought paper to draw maps on them and ink for the drawing. They brought a compass to find ways to places on maps they made or the natives have made. They brought weapons to kill hostile animals or non hostile if they are hungry and another reason to bring them is to se them against hostile natives or enemies.

This is an image of tobacco. Tobacco would have been given to natives as gifts.
They used guns to hunt animals and to use against hostile natives.

Information was found in the websites

the book used was called the lewis and clark expedition

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