Dash World Evolution in Marketing

At the moment we are too general in our marketing and missing opportunities to show Dash's obvious advantages.

The key to marketing is to focus on the customer wants. But what does the customer want?

Opportunities Need not to be Hidden in Arcane Binary World

An Investment Option: Masternodes as an Investment

Dash's InstantX moves the money across the globe in seconds...

Dash - Digital Cash - Travels at Blistering Speed and Has a Low Fee.

The new revolution will be private.

More Privacy: PrivacyProtect

So it goes, Dash is the money for a new generation.

P2P decentralized world is not a pipe dream anymore.

Even more than Bitcoin, Dash challenges the ways we shape and manage society. William Gibson famously quipped: "The future is already here, it's just unevenly distributed.” Dash offers tools for the future of today but the knowledge about it has yet to be distributed. Dash needs to establish itself as digital cash for the new society of the future we create together.

Dash World: Evolution in Marketing is a solution-focused proposal aims to tackle these matters from different angles and to align Dash’s technical genius and enormous creative energy coming from its community and the Darkcoin Foundation with out-of-the-box marketing thinking and actions.

Dash is a Border-less Money for New Generation.

Henry Giroux recently said: “We should live to improve our lives and the lives of others with great compassion, dignity and a sense of justice. Large numbers of people should not be struggling just to survive, condemned to the perils of economic and political deprivation.” Dash World: Micro-economy of Dash creates a better, more just world.

A Better Marketing Approach

We have picked Vanbex to help us with marketing and to gain contacts and connections within crypto and finance areas.

Vanbex has connections for wide spread publications like the Wired magazine. We expect this to be much more effective than typical crypto websites.

Vanbex is also going to work with Dash Micro-Economy Projects and plan releases to show them off at the right time.

What are these Micro-Economy Projects?

Dash Soda-Machine
Misfit wine by Misconduct Winery accepts Dash for payment
DASH on the Aquidabã Tennis Open

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Roman (GreyGhost) wrote the book on search engine optimization, really he did.

It is modifying website tags and metadata of webpages to cue google for correct search listings We are failing at google search results. A search with “Dash Wallet” pulls up a scam site – not good.

What Makes This Proposal Different?

This proposal will solve a lot of the problems we have with marketing and SEO while coordinating with Dash Micro-Economy Projects.

This proposal will also include metrics such as website hits, ad clicks, and other specific page view counters so we know that each marketing effort is effective.

This proposal is meant to work with the community. It is expected to change and grow as needed.

Thank you for your attention.

GreyGhost, Dr. BobLQ and the Vanbex Group
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Roman Latkovic
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