Painted Grasshopper By: Kate Mason

Painted grasshopper

Scientifically known as the Dactylotum Bicolor. This multicolor Grasshopper is known for his beautiful patterns and colors. It has 2 large back legs for hopping, and front wings for flying. The Painted Grasshopper is in the order orthoptera, and eats anything it can get it's hands on. After researching grasshoppers, I came to a conclusion that Grasshoppers are pests. They will chew through plants, tear up gardens, and lay eggs in fertile soil.

A beautiful Painted Grasshopper in the sand.

The Villian in a Grasshopper

When food gets scarce grasshoppers will form into huge clouds in the air in search of food. " That is when people call them locusts..." Whitney Cranshaw explains, "call them grasshoppers gone beserk!" These huge swarms can cause plant destruction, destroyed property, and a period of time where nobody would want to go outside.

A child catching Grasshoppers out of a huge swarm.

How Do You Stop Them?

Some ways to stop the Painted Grasshopper from destroying your plants are...

Encourage Predators: Insect predators can eat more than 2 pounds of insects a day!

Never let your plants/ weeds overgrown because tall lush plants attract grasshoppers.

Painted Grasshopper


The Painted Grasshopper can chew, suck, pierce, lap, and sponge-up their food. They eat really any vegetation, but will try to bite if messed with. They hav e maxillas that help them chew food, and break their food down.

Mouthparts of a Grasshopper

Extra Facts

The Painted Grasshopper can grow bigger that 20 mm long, and if fed more than enough can grow the size of a human hand.

Painted Grasshoppers are commonly seen in the western part of the United States.

They are also seasonal, so they are spotted more in the months of August- September.

Baby Painted Grasshopper
Painted Grasshoppers are found the most in the west part of the United States.

"They'll eat anything. Beans. Roses. Berries. Anything."

–Entomologist, Whitney Cranshaw

Painted Grasshopper


Google for the Painted Grasshopper pictures.

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